Doctor. Mom. Athlete. Difference Maker. Traveler. Philanthropist. Dancer.

Dr. Radhika Mohandas could simply be described as a caring, compassionate, and highly competent doctor. She might also surprise you, in that she participates in Olympic style weight lifting, and has won medals in competitive dance competitions. Surprised? Get to know her, and you would realize that she tends to excel at everything she has pursued.

She started her family practice in Monterey in 2004, and she has grown it every year, by focusing her compassion, care, and talents on the patients she serves. It’s that simple. When my patients are suffering, Dr. Mohandas partners with each patient individually, in order to help them transition back to full health—easily and smoothly. Dr. Mohandas’s patients know that they have a doctor whom they can trust fully.

In the end, her two highest passions are her family and her patients. Not surprising at all.

Dr. Mohandas comes from a family of renowned physicians and surgeons. Like her father and great grandfather before her, she too graduated from the prestigious University of Madras, graduating at the top of her class. Her passion for medicine shows—caring, attentive, and connected to each patient. Dr. Mohandas extends those values to her team as well, making her family practice specialty the ideal place to experience comprehensive medical care for individuals and families.

She is also proficient in cosmetic dermatology procedures, having been trained at some of the leading centers in the country. She specializes in Smart Lipo, body sculpting, fat transfer, natural Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Silhouette Lift, Botox, and fillers. These procedures require only local anesthesia, and patients return to their daily routine the same day.

With the shift in health care, Dr. Mohandas has noticed the trend towards “defensive medicine” among many physicians. This resembles the “take two aspirin, and call me tomorrow if it still hurts” approach. She strongly opposes this philosophy, and takes great care to offer diagnosis, advice, and practical suggestions to her patients in need.

In her spare time, you can find Dr. Mohandas dancing, entertaining friends, relaxing with her family, and oh yes, enjoying CrossFit.

Surprising? Not really. After all, Dr. Mohandas excels at that which she puts her mind to. Patient care is just highest on the list.